Trip to Cocoa Beach: 5 fun activities to do!

Cocoa Beach is a great place to visit in Florida for a little getaway. If you live in NE Florida, it’s only a couple of hours away. If you are visiting Orlando/Disney, make the hour drive over to the coast, it’s worth it! We live in St. Augustine, Florida and have visited the area a couple of times (once as a couple and once as a family). We love it there! It’s a nice little beach town, not too much traffic, lots to see and do, and it’s just a good place to get away from it all. I am going to share with you 5 activities I think are fun and worthwhile to do when visiting the area.

#1 Visit the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral

Of course, I have to include this on the list, it’s why most people go to the visit the area (other than leaving on a Cruise from the port). But I’m not just including it on my list because it’s the most visited place, I’m including it because I think it’s a must-see! It is a fabulous place to visit because it is historical, it’s history in the making, and everything there is just so amazing to see! It’s about a half-hour drive from the beach to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex. Plan to spend the whole day there. There is so much to see and do, from learning about all the NASA heroes to seeing the space shuttle Atlantis, to viewing the Saturn V rocket, and so much more! If you’re lucky, you can plan your visit when they are having a rocket launch. We saw a launch from our hotel balcony while visiting Cocoa Beach, it was awesome! For more info and to plan your visit to the Space Center, visit the Kennedy Space Center website.

#2 Go on a kayak tour with Fin Expeditions

This is a great company that I highly recommend! They are locally owned by a family and rated highly on Trip Advisor. The kayak wildlife tour is amazing! We saw manatee, lots of birds, dolphins and we went through the mangrove forest in the Banana River Lagoon that was really cool! I really enjoyed this tour because it was not only beautiful and relaxing but our guide was also very informative. The tunnels of Mangrove in the Thousand Islands was my favorite part. For more information about Fin Expeditions and their tours, visit their website or Facebook page.

#3 Take an Airboat Tour with Bull Gator Adventures, Melbourne

Captain Mike will take you out onto the Upper St. Johns River Basin on a fun and exhilarating ride … with plenty of slowdowns and stops to enjoy viewing alligators and other wildlife along the way. He also has a sense of humor and tells some good stories! We really enjoyed this and would totally do it again! For more information and to reserve your airboat tour, visit Bull Gator’s website.

#4 Climb and traverse the Ropes Course at Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures

My boys have always enjoyed climbing things … so we had to go try out this ropes/zipline course. At the time of this trip, they were 12 and 14, but I did see some younger kids doing this course very well. It is arranged from easy to hard as you go up higher … let’s just say, I didn’t make it to all the courses, but my 3 guys did and they had a blast! There are 3 beginner courses, 3 intermediate courses, and 1 advanced … including 49 unique challenges to try! The staff was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this for all ages, couples, and families. For more info and to book your visit, go to their website.

#5 See if you can escape at Escape Cocoa Beach

Escape rooms have been all the rage in the last few years. When we visited Cocoa Beach a couple of years ago, we were looking for something fun to do one evening and decided to give an escape room a try! This location is very nice, with very friendly and helpful staff. If you are not familiar with what escape rooms are basically you are locked in a room (with some kind of theme/story) and you have an hour to try to escape using various clues and solving various puzzles. We weren’t really sure what to expect since this was our first time doing an escape room, but we had a lot of fun and it was quite challenging. I would definitely recommend this activity to couples and families with older children/teens. For more info and to book your escape time, visit their website.

Don’t forget to enjoy the beach!

I really love the Cocoa Beach area .. it is a place I will return to often to visit. For more info about fun things to do while in Cocoa Beach, go to If you enjoyed this post, give me a like and be sure to follow my blog or visit my Facebook Page for more Florida adventures!  ~Kristina~

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