Making Mosaics at Rembrandtz in St. Augustine

What is a "mosaic"? Well, it's a picture or design that is created out of pieces, generally broken pieces, of tile, stone, or glass.  Mosaics are created on top of a surface, such as a wood design, tabletop, wall, floor, glass, or other surfaces.  Mosaics have been around a long time and are a huge … Continue reading Making Mosaics at Rembrandtz in St. Augustine

A Bear in our Car, Oh My!

June 2, 2018 We were Gatlinburg bound and couldn’t be more excited as we hadn’t been to the Smoky Mountains since the summer of 2008! We rented a chalet in the Chalet Village on the Ski Mountain area of Gatlinburg. Little did we know what a harrowing drive it would be up to the chalet … Continue reading A Bear in our Car, Oh My!

Strawberry Moon over St. Augustine

Glimmering blush in the sky just above the blue waters on a warm night in June Beauty and wonder lighting the night, its the Strawberry moon On June 28, 2018 I witnessed the Strawberry moon from a beach in St. Augustine. What a spectacular sight! The full moon, named the Strawberry moon, perhaps derived the … Continue reading Strawberry Moon over St. Augustine

Crafting Blog: 1 “Sea glass Turtle Canvas”

craft·ing The activity or hobby of making decorative articles by hand. "Crafting has emerged as a fashionable form of self-expression" ~ Google Dictionary~ Crafting is something I just started doing more recently in my life. I have always been a ‘scrapbooker’ or archiver of photos but crafting for me really didn’t start until I moved … Continue reading Crafting Blog: 1 “Sea glass Turtle Canvas”

A Walk That Became A Rescue

Have you ever done something, a normal activity, where you expected nothing out of the norm to happen, ... then things don't go as expected and you suddenly have a STORY to tell?  Well, this is one or those times.  If you are a walker, definitely read on.  Even if you're not a walker, read … Continue reading A Walk That Became A Rescue