DIY: Make a “Pet Sign” to hold your lint roller

Do you have pets? If you answered “yes” then you probably have dog hair or cat hair get on your clothes most days. If you’re like me, you pull out the lint roller to clean off the pet hair before leaving the house. I saw a cute idea on Pinterest awhile back and wanted to make something similar … so this is what I came up with and I love it!


The idea is to make a cute sign to hang on you wall, add a hook to hang your lint roller, and put it somewhere handy (like maybe close to your door or laundry room). You can put any saying on it you want, or you could just decorate it with paw prints. Make it your own and stylize it to match your home decor. Below I will tell you how I made my sign.

Some of the basic supplies I used

First, you need to decide what kind of wood you will use for your sign. Maybe you already have something lying around your house not being used. I just purchased a ready to go sign from Michaels (it already has a distressed look and it already has a loop to hang it). You can certainly buy wood and make it any color and any size you want.

Other supplies you will need include, paint and foam brushes, a stencil (I created mine using my Cricut and Stencil vinyl), scissors, transfer tape for your stencil; and if creating your own stencil, you’ll need a weeding tool and scraper. Lastly, you will need clear coat spray (matte) and a hook of some sort.

If you decide to create your own STENCIL, you can make it using Cricut Design Space. You are also welcome to use the design I created (see first photo above, that is a screenshot of my design). The second photo shows what the stencil vinyl looks like once you use your transfer vinyl (I used clear contact paper) to lift it up and move it to your wood. I transferred my words in parts to make sure I didn’t have too many letters crossing the grooves, but you can do all in one piece. The stencil vinyl I used is Oramask 813 and it can be purchased on Amazon. The third photo is all the stencil vinyl transferred to my wood sign (pre-painting). You want to make sure it is smoothed on flat with no bubbles.

I put a little bit of my black acrylic paint into a little cup and used a foam brush (see in second photo above) and just dabbed lightly across the stencil. I did one section at a time. I carefully pulled up the vinyl before the paint was completely dry. I only had one section that didn’t come out crisp (the top paw print). The vinyl probably wasn’t completely smooth because the wood isn’t completely smooth (has some texture to it), so I believe the paint seeped under just a bit. Well, not a big deal, I fixed it. I just dabbed a little ivory colored paint over the black paint and let it dry, then I got a tiny piece of sandpaper and sanded it out. The wood is distressed anyway, so you can’t even tell there was a boo boo (see third photo above).

After your paint dries completely, it doesn’t take long, spray a light coat of clear enamel to protect the paint from chipping/peeling. Finally, once the clear coat dries, attach your hook. For my hook, all I had to do was screw it in where I wanted it, so simple! I plan to hang my sign/lint roll holder in the hallway close to my laundry room and back door.

These would make really nice gifts for friends and family that have pets as well. The cost is minimal and the time it takes is minimal as well. I hope you enjoyed reading about this project. If you did, give me a like, check out My Pinterest Page, follow my blog and/or My Facebook page for more fun projects! Until next time, keep on craftin’!  ~Kristina~

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