Craft Room Organization: My favorite products and tips for getting organized!

I have been scrapbooking for over 15 years and crafting for about the last 4 years. When I first started scrapbooking, I used to sit at our dining room table. I didn’t have much storage either, so I had to keep it pretty simple. I made the best of it! Over time and a couple of moves, I now have my own craft room! I feel so blessed to have a space to call my own and to have freedom to create (and leave the mess) whenever I want to.

This is part of my craft room, what you see as you enter.

I really caught the craft bug after moving to Florida. Two things happened: one, I became a part of a women’s group in my neighborhood and one of the clubs I joined was Craft Club; and two, I received a Cricut Explore one Mother’s Day and my crafting world forever changed!


I have dabbled in all kinds of crafting, including but not limited to paper craft, painting, vinyl designs, canvases, iron-on, glass crafts, resin, photography, jewelry, mosaics, wreaths, and wood projects. You can imagine the amount of supplies I have collected over time completing all these projects. Hence, why organization is so important! Let’s face it, none of us want to be buried in all our supplies and not be able to find what we are looking for at a given time.

I use this container to carry supplies I need to take with me to a craft club meeting.

Storing craft and scrapbooking supplies can be a real challenge no matter how much space you have. You want your supplies stored neatly, yet you want them handy. Having a space to work is also essential. My craft room is not fancy like some of the photos I’ve seen of people’s spaces on Facebook groups, but it works for me. That is what’s important. It should work for you and it should be a space that helps you feel creative. Here are some tips I have for setting up your craft space or storage.

*Make your space your own, let it show your personality.

I like to display photos and things I’ve made in my craft space, as well as, some of my kids’ artwork.

*Know where all your supplies are located, everything should have its place.

This is an area for scrapbook cardstock, vinyl, and some other scrapbook supplies.

*Have a space to work. This could be a folding table, a desk, a permanent table, or even a workbench.

I use this long table for scrapbooking and other crafting projects.

*Label containers, drawers, tubs, etc. This will help you find what you are looking for quicker. I use a label maker, but you could also use vinyl to label everything.

*Occasionally, go through your supplies and weed out things you don’t need and reorganize. Putting like things together helps you to easily see when you are low on something and when you have too much of something.

*Keep a trash can or multiple cans in your craft space, as well as, a container of some sort to place paper and vinyl scraps.

I found this cute owl basket at Ross, makes a great paper waste can.

My craft room is not perfect and everything I own is not brand new. It doesn’t all match either. However, I keep it neat and organized and it works for me. It’s a work in progress  and I enjoy creating in it … and I know over time, I can make it more beautiful.

This is my desk with my computer, I use this space for blogging, creating designs for my Cricut, and other purposes.

There are some things in my craft space that help me to be more organized and items that help me to craft more efficiently. I am going to share 5 of those items with you. There are many more things of course that help, but these are my top 5!

  1. Hyper Tough Workbench (purchased from Walmart for $49)

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    This workbench has made a world of difference in my craft room and I absolutely love it! I use it mainly for my Cricut crafting but it can serve many purposes.
  2. Utensil Holder (purchased from Walmart or Amazon $20)
    Perfect for holding scissors, hole punchers, rulers, and other tools.
  3. Photo Organizer Case  (I bought this many years ago from a catalog – The Lakeside Collection, you can find it on their website for $20)Bag holder (purchased from IKEA $3) – perfect for vinyl rolls!5. Iris 6 drawer scrapbook cart (purchased from Amazon $50)
  4. x0znj880s2g4urokknplcwI have many of these types of carts with drawers, mainly to store my scrapbook supplies, but they work great for vinyl and other Cricut supplies too!

There are of course other products I use in my craft room that help me, but those are my top 5! What products do you have that you absolutely can’t live without? Share with me in the comments below or on my Pinterest page under my blog post pin.

I do have a few honorable mentions. First, plastic shoebox type containers that you can buy just about anywhere, the Dollar Store usually has plenty. If you don’t have money to spend on containers, use shoeboxes, as you can see below, shoe boxes are a great size for stacking. Another item I have multiples of are the paper organizers you can buy at any craft store, they are usually about 14×14 in size, so they will easily store your scrapbook paper, cardstock, and your vinyl sheets. One of my favorites is the kind with the handle. They are stackable, very sturdy, and easy to tote with you wherever you go. One last item is a cute little organizer that has little mini boxes that you can put all those little things in, such as pins, brads, eyelets, beads, sequins, etc. I believe I purchased it from Michaels but I know I saw it at Hobby Lobby as well. See photos below.

I hope that this blog post has at the least, inspired you to reorganize your craft space (whether a small space or a full room). Maybe some of the product suggestions I made will also be helpful to you. I promise you this, if your space is decluttered, and you can easily move around and work in your space more efficiently, you will enjoy crafting even more! Share some of your tips with me … I’m always trying to improve! Until next time, keep on craftin’! ~Kristina~


12 thoughts on “Craft Room Organization: My favorite products and tips for getting organized!

  1. I really need to do this. These are some great ideas and tips for organization. I find I get overwhelmed with all my craft stuff and I have so much stuff that most doesn’t get used because it’s not in plain site and I forget about. it. I will definitely be tackling it this summer.

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    1. Before I took time to organize, I felt the same way. My closet was crammed with so much stuff I forgot was there, now that it’s labeled, I can see what I have and find it easier. So I can enjoy crafting much more! Thanks for your comment:)


  2. I really need to organise my craft room. I love these ideas, especially the bag holder for holding paper! Might try to organise my craft supplies this weekend 🙂

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  3. I would love to have a whole room for crafts!! I love how you organized yours! Ours currently is a corner in the dining room. I used the plastic storage bins to create a place for glue, paint, paper, scissors etc. Nothing like an organized space especially when it comes to crafts!

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