DIY Glittered Glass Snowman

Fall is in the air and Halloween is on the horizon ... which means it is time to get busy making Christmas and Winter decor! I like to have a couple of months to work on projects to decorate my home for the holidays as well as make decor to give as gifts. One of … Continue reading DIY Glittered Glass Snowman

DIY: Lighted Wine Bottles

As a crafter, I am always looking for ways to reuse items and make something purposeful out of them as well as something beautiful! Wine bottles are a great item to reuse and repurpose. They are made out of thick glass, sometimes beautiful shades of blue or amber, and lend themselves nicely to be used … Continue reading DIY: Lighted Wine Bottles

DIY: Coastal Wall Decor (Let’s Get the Shell Out of Here and Go to the Beach)

If you live in Florida, like me, or another coastal town around the country or world, you probably like going to the beach. You might also enjoy decorating your home with Coastal-themed decor. I love beachy decor and I really like to make my own decor, as much as possible. One of the cute signs … Continue reading DIY: Coastal Wall Decor (Let’s Get the Shell Out of Here and Go to the Beach)

DIY: Glass Etching Made Simple

Do you want to know how you can make personalized drinking glasses for your home or to give as a gift? This simple DIY can be done by anyone and the cost is minimal. You can etch wine glasses, tumblers, vases, casserole pans, jars, and so much more! You can use store-bought stencils or make … Continue reading DIY: Glass Etching Made Simple

DIY Lighted Glass Block

Have you ever wondered what you can do with those square glass blocks in the craft store? Actually, they can be used for a variety of projects, but one of my favorites is to make it a light! This fun project can be completed in a day and you can make it as simple or … Continue reading DIY Lighted Glass Block

Glittered Light Jar for Easter

This is a super easy and fun DIY project that you can make for any holiday, season, or theme! I've made various jars for my home as well as gifts! My most recent jar is themed for Easter, a "He is RISEN" jar (see photo above and at end of directions). I will share with … Continue reading Glittered Light Jar for Easter