DIY: Glass Etching Made Simple

Do you want to know how you can make personalized drinking glasses for your home or to give as a gift? This simple DIY can be done by anyone and the cost is minimal. You can etch wine glasses, tumblers, vases, casserole pans, jars, and so much more! You can use store-bought stencils or make … Continue reading DIY: Glass Etching Made Simple

Make your own Christmas Ornaments #4: Wood Slices

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to make new Christmas Ornaments for my tree.  Anyone and everyone can make ornaments. Getting crafty around the holidays is fun and you can even get together with friends or family and make it into an event! For the last few weeks, I have … Continue reading Make your own Christmas Ornaments #4: Wood Slices

Personalized Dog Leash Holder

One day I came across these really cute rubber hooks that looked like dog tails (see below).  I just had to buy them even though at the time I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. Later I came up with the idea to use them as dog leash holders. We have 2 … Continue reading Personalized Dog Leash Holder

Creating Your Own Photo Canvases

Canvas prints are a fabulous way to decorate the walls of your home, but let’s face it, they can be very pricey. I have splurged on a few occasions and bought already made canvases (professional photographers) and I have also used online coupons (Groupon) to purchase canvases with my photos. I am pleased with both, … Continue reading Creating Your Own Photo Canvases

Making Mosaics at Rembrandtz in St. Augustine

What is a "mosaic"? Well, it's a picture or design that is created out of pieces, generally broken pieces, of tile, stone, or glass.  Mosaics are created on top of a surface, such as a wood design, tabletop, wall, floor, glass, or other surfaces.  Mosaics have been around a long time and are a huge … Continue reading Making Mosaics at Rembrandtz in St. Augustine

Crafting Blog: 1 “Sea glass Turtle Canvas”

craft·ing The activity or hobby of making decorative articles by hand. "Crafting has emerged as a fashionable form of self-expression" ~ Google Dictionary~ Crafting is something I just started doing more recently in my life. I have always been a ‘scrapbooker’ or archiver of photos but crafting for me really didn’t start until I moved … Continue reading Crafting Blog: 1 “Sea glass Turtle Canvas”