Coastal Crafting: Shell Letters

If you live anywhere near a beach, you might be like me and have a desire to decorate your home with coastal-themed decor. Some of the decor in my home is the work of local artisans and photographers or gifts from family, but I'd have to say most of the decor was created by me. … Continue reading Coastal Crafting: Shell Letters

Making Mosaics at Rembrandtz in St. Augustine

What is a "mosaic"? Well, it's a picture or design that is created out of pieces, generally broken pieces, of tile, stone, or glass. ¬†Mosaics are created on top of a surface, such as a wood design, tabletop, wall, floor, glass, or other surfaces. ¬†Mosaics have been around a long time and are a huge … Continue reading Making Mosaics at Rembrandtz in St. Augustine