Flowers are like friends …

(Rosa hybrida) Tea Rose, miniature rose

{Opening Notes: For the past couple of years, I haven’t posted a blog (other than an update on one). My focus shifted more towards dabbling with my photography hobby. I very much consider myself a photo enthusiast but I am wanting to do more. So here I am, typing up this blog post as a first to hopefully many to share some of my photography with you. I also plan to work on an online gallery and possibly sell some prints, photo cards etc. }

(Calendula officinalis) Pot Marigold, common marigold

“Flowers are like friends, they add color to our world.” For me, flowers always seem to brighten my day and make me smile. When I think about how flowers start out as a seed and grow through the “dirt” and how they need sunshine and rain to grow and live … I am reminded, life is not always easy and it’s not always pleasant, but out of darkness and through tough circumstances, sometimes something beautiful can emerge.

(Hibiscus Coccineus) Scarlet Rose Mallow, swamp hibiscus

One last thought, if we clutter our days with busyness and meaningless things, we often miss the beauty right in front of our eyes. Slow down, take time to see the beauty all around, so stop and smell those flowers, spend time with loved ones, play outside, walk on the beach, go fishing, watch the sunset … don’t miss out on living life. Praying you have a blessed and beautiful day! I hope you enjoy the flowers I have shared in this post (scroll down for more)!

(Nerium oleander) Oleander, a toxic beauty
(Rosa hybrida) Tea Rose, miniature rose
(Hippeastrum striatum) Striped Barbados Lily
(Rosa hybrida) Tea Rose, miniature rose
(Rosa chinensis) China Rose, garden rose
(Rosa hybrida) Tea Rose, miniature rose
(Papaver rhoeas) Common Poppy, corn rose
(Zinnia elegans) Common Zinnia, garden zinnia
(Dietes grandiflora) Fairy Iris, African Iris

Until next time, come check out my Instagram page! If you like my photos, leave me a reply!

{All photos taken by me, please do not print or share photos without permission. Photos taken locally in St. Augustine/Palm Coast, Florida}

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