8 Fall Decor Crafts to Make for Your Home

Fall is in the air! Do you like decorating your home for fall? It is one of my favorite seasons! Even though we don’t see as much color change in Florida and the weather takes a long while to cool down; I still love all the pumpkins, hay, scarecrows, and other fall decor items! In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of the Fall Decor I have made for my home. These projects are all fairly simple DIYs that any crafter can do! In addition, they are projects that allow you to be creative and add your own personal touch! I will share links to tutorials and/or share the supplies needed to make each project! Enjoy and Happy Fall Y’all!

Fall/Halloween-Themed Hot Mess Canvas

This is a project I really enjoy! It’s fun, fairly simple, budget-friendly, and you can make one for any season, holiday, or theme. They also make great gifts! Below are photos of two I made last year for Fall and Halloween. Basic supplies include a canvas, paint, and vinyl design. Here is a TUTORIAL on how-to-make your very own Hot Mess Canvases!


Lighted Wine Bottle: Nuts About You

Reusing wine bottles and creating something fun and beautiful is one of my favorite projects! I made this Nuts About You lighted bottle last year to spruce up my fall home decor. You can make a lighted wine bottle for any season, theme, or holiday! Here is a TUTORIAL on how to make a lighted wine bottle – – you can create and use any design you choose to make it personal. For the bottle below, I made the design on Cricut Design Space and cut it out on gold vinyl. The bottle was sprayed after that with Frosted Glass Spray, then I embellished the bottle with jute, leaves, and acorns.



Wood Slice Owl

I LOVE owls! You often see owls on fall decorations such as wreaths. I first saw this project on Pinterest. I immediately pinned it and knew I had to make it! I went to Michaels to purchase my wood slice (Basswood Country Round). Then, I found a branch in my neighborhood. I purchased the little forks and spoon from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. The feathers on my owl are just broken-off end pieces of pine cones. The eyes are mason jar lids with black metal bottle caps (from Michaels). This project was fairly simple and you can be creative with it, as you can see mine is not an exact match to the Pinterest post that inspired it. So have fun with it! You can add a sawtooth hook to the back to hang it on the wall The wood slices can also be painted if you want to make your owl a different color. Here is a link to the TUTORIAL from the House of Hawthornes website.



Speaking of owls and how much I love them …

Fall/Halloween-Themed Bucket Light: Hoo Hoo Who’s There?

I made my first bucket light a few years ago (a Christmas gift for my sister and her husband for their camping trips). These were all the rage at the time on crafting Facebook groups. After making that one, I thought to myself, why not make Bucket Lights for other occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, parties, etc. So I made the “Owl” Bucket Light below before Halloween. All the trick or treaters loved how it changed colors! These are very easy to make and require very little supplies (a bucket, a vinyl design, and submersible LED lights). Here is a TUTORIAL on how to make your very own Bucket Light.

Just a sampling of colors!


Dollar Tree Splatter Screen Pumpkin

What would fall and Halloween be without pumpkins? I recently saw this project on a few Facebook groups that specialize in projects made with items purchased at Dollar Tree. I LOVED these pumpkins people were making so I had to do a little research on how to make them. I found several tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest. Here is a great TUTORIAL from This Southern Girl Can on YouTube if you want to make a pumpkin that stands up. If you want to hang your pumpkin like a wreath, follow this TUTORIAL from the Farm Girl Reformed website. I made one of each kind, one for a gift and one for my home (see below). These are so easy, so versatile, and don’t cost much to make! You can paint your screens any color you want and use whatever you want to decorate them, making this a project everyone can do!


Glittered Light Jars: Jack-O-Lantern

I have been making jars that are glittered for years. They are so cute and very easy to make! If you’ve ever made the glittered ornaments, the concept is similar. I love the little Jack ‘o’ Lantern jar (below) I made because it makes a nice addition to other Halloween decor in the house. You can put it on a bookshelf, in your kitchen, in the bathroom, or just about anywhere. You could also make a white glittered jar and add a ghost face. Here is a TUTORIAL on how to make your own glittered light jars (this one shows an Easter jar but the same directions apply).



Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins

This is another project I came across on Pinterest last year. These are made with the bigger thick slices of wood, not that basswood (which is thinner). You want to try and find pieces that have a circular or oval shape like a pumpkin and can stand up. I believe I bought mine at Michaels and I think they are called wooden plaques. They look like a slice of tree. You can paint your pumpkins any color you want. You can decorate them with all kinds of embellishments to personalize them. Below is a Jack ‘O’ Lantern I made last year. Here is the TUTORIAL from the website that inspired me, A Night Owl.



Decorate Fake Pumpkins with Vinyl

A really simple, no-fuss project is to buy some fake pumpkins from any craft store and add a little flare to them! You can create and cut out designs using any kind of vinyl, add embellishments such as flowers, leaves, acorns, etc. or even paint a design or face on your pumpkins with acrylic paint. The first pumpkin below is a white pumpkin I bought at Michaels. I found a cute graphic online and cut it using my Cricut onto Adhesive Foil. It was a little tricky putting on the pumpkin, but love how it looks! The half pumpkins were also purchased at Michaels. The vinyl designs are permanent vinyl (Oracal 651). I hot glued on the embellishments. These are great door hangers or wall decor! You can also use them in the center of a wreath.


I hope you have enjoyed the Fall projects I have shared with you! Please take a moment to pin this blog post for future reference and to share with friends. I am currently working on two more projects (a 3D wire pumpkin form that I am weaving with chunky yarn) and (a circular wire wreath form that I am making using fall colors of tulle) so look for the finished products soon on my Facebook page! I also have some wooden acorns I bought at Dollar Tree that I am planning to decorate with paint and wording. Please share photos of your finished projects on my Pinterest page under the corresponding projects. I would love to see your creations! Enjoy the beauty of the season and until next time, keep on craftin’!  ~Kristina~

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  1. They all look so good! I’ve seen that splatter screen pumpkin a lot in the FB groups, too. I still haven’t made one yet! I keep forgetting to get the splatter screens every time I go to DT. 😀

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