DIY Floating Frame: an easy project that makes a beautiful gift!

If you browse the selection of frames at any craft store, you will see a wide variety of frames to choose from ranging from table-top frames to wall frames, to shadow boxes and more. One of my favorite type of frames to work with for projects are floating frames. Basically, the glass is all there is inserted within the frame itself. You can certainly insert photos into this kind of frame, but to make it more interesting, you can create something unique just using vinyl wording or designs.

Here are some of the Floating Frame Projects I have made for our home.

I am going to share with you ideas for floating frames, general supplies needed, and the basics for making a floating frame. Keep in mind though that you should make each frame to fit your personal style and embellish the way you like making it unique.

Floating Frame Ideas!

You can make a floating frame for just about any occasion, any season, any theme, or any holiday. You can make them for home decorations, gifts, for special events, and more! Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Wedding vows
  • Wedding date
  • Family Name (monogram letter with Last Name overlapping)
  • Baby birth stats
  • Favorite scripture or quote
  • Christmas or other holiday scenes
  • Name of your business
  • Favorite sports team logo
  • Lyrics to your favorite song
  • Family Tree with names
  • Memorial of a loved one
  • A favorite recipe

A great source for free svg’s to download and use on your Cricut is Keep in mind these are free for personal use but you must purchase a commercial license if you plan to use the designs on products you sell. Cricut Design Space has a ton of great phrases, scriptures, and designs to use as well! If you do not own a Cricut or other cutting machine, you can purchase vinyl designs from Etsy or a craft store.

General Supplies Needed:

Floating Frame

Glass Cleaner/Paper towels

Vinyl Design (create your own or purchase)

Transfer Vinyl, scraper

Optional: sea glass spray for glass, embellishments such as paper or felt flowers to put on the corners of the frame, etc.

How to Make a Floating Frame decoration:

  1. Take the glass out of the frame and clean it on both sides. I used glass cleaner but you could just use warm soapy water.
  2. Make your design on your Cricut or other cutting machine or purchase a design. If you make your own design, here are a few tips. I mirrored my wording when I wanted to apply the design to the backside of the glass. You can certainly put the design on the outside of the glass, just be careful when cleaning. Make sure to measure the inside space of your frame (workable space) when sizing your design. Use different color/patterned types of vinyl to make it more interesting! I used 651 permanent vinyl, some adhesive foil, and I used some patterned vinyl I found at Hobby Lobby. You could even use Holographic vinyl.
  3. Carefully apply your design to the glass using transfer vinyl or clear contact paper and your scraper. I put a piece of paper with lines underneath my glass to help me with lining up my design straight (though I have found it’s hard to get it perfect and that’s ok!)
  4. If you want to give your glass a frosted or sea glass look, spray it directly over your vinyl and then let it dry for a few hours before putting the glass in the frame.

The photos above are just to give you an example of supplies and the process. This blog post was more to inspire you than to be a tutorial. I hope you enjoyed my ideas and will take it one step further and make something fabulous! Please stop by My Pinterest Page and share (under my post) the floating frames you have created because I would love to see them! Until next time, keep on craftin’! ~Kristina~

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