Bunny Flowerpots: A simple DIY decoration for Easter

Easter is coming soon! Need some last-minute decorations or gifts? Here is a simple project you can make in an hour or so, with very little supplies! In fact, I had everything on hand except for the plastic bunny eggs (which you don’t really need because you can also use regular plastic Easter eggs). I posted this project on my Facebook page and I had a request for a blog post with directions, so here it is! I have included directions, photos, and tutorial videos below. Enjoy and have fun crafting!



Terra Cotta Flower Pot(s)

Decorative Napkins

Mod Podge

Foam Brush

Grass Filler/Moss

Plastic Easter Egg

Pom-pom for the tail

E6000 glue

Embellishments (optional) – any sort of decorative element you might want to put around the rim of the flower-pot or you can even paint it.

Here are a few tips about first!

First, let’s talk about the flower-pots. You can use any kind of flower-pot you choose and any size. I chose two smaller pots that were the same size. I purchased these at Michaels.

Second, let’s talk about napkins. You want to buy decorative napkins with a design or color scheme of your choice. I purchased these napkins from Tuesday Morning. You can find napkins at party stores, craft stores, discount stores, etc. When using the napkins for decoupage, you need to peel the top decorated layer away from the bottom white layer for it to work best.

Lastly, use things you have on hand. I don’t recommend going out and buying exactly what I did (unless you want to of course). Make your bunny flower-pots your own style. I have made other flower-pots using paint, washi tape for trim, vinyl designs and wording made on my Cricut, etc.


  1. Cut your napkin into smaller pieces that you can easily adhere to your flower-pot. Square or rectangular pieces work well, but you could also cut out actual design pieces, like the flowers or butterflies as well. Get creative!pkkS7aWVQ36+jtQzhKMShw
  2. Using your foam brush, you will apply Mod Podge on a small section of the flower-pot where you will stick your first piece of napkin. Then you will carefully lay the napkin piece on the glue and smooth it from top to bottom.
  3. You will continue this process of applying Mod Podge and pieces of napkin all the way around your pot, overlapping each piece a little as you go around. (Watch the video below, Part 1 of decoupage to see the process).                              
  4. Let the flower-pot dry for a little while (maybe an hour).y3aPlvl8S9OMuULHTzebeQ
  5. While your pot is drying, you can glue the pom-pom tails on your bunny eggs. Use E6000 glue to adhere.fullsizeoutput_3b66
  6. When your flower-pot is dry or mostly dry, you can begin the second step of the decoupage process. It is easy, you will simply apply a thin coat of Mod Podge all the way around, over the napkin to seal it. Using your foam brush, its best to stroke top to bottom with thin even coats of Mod Podge. Be gentle so you do not tear the napkin. Watch the video below (Part 2 of the decoupage to see the technique as well as hear some alternate suggestions for your flower pots).
  7. Once again, let your flower-pot dry … this time for a couple of hours.lZh1VVWcT5SnPCYTTgftEw
  8. Once it’s dry, you can add all the finishing touches. I had some spring garland I believe I purchased at Hobby Lobby on hand that I simply glued (used a hot glue gun) around the perimeter of the flower pot on the rim. You can paint your rim, glue on ribbon, buttons, stones, or even apply washi tape.
  9. Next, add grass to your flower-pot. Below are a couple of photos of some options. I used Ashland brand moss from Michaels.
  10. Last but not least, add your bunny to your flower-pot and adjust the grass as needed! If you wanted, you could also add a cute little sign to your flower pot to go along with your bunny, such as “Hoppy Easter!” You could also put hidden candy inside of the bunnies if this is a gift!

Above are photos of my completed Flower Pot Bunnies … I’d love to see your pots when finished, so please share them with me on My Pinterest Page (photo comment). If you enjoyed this post and love this project, give me a like and please follow my blog for more fun project ideas and tutorials! Be sure to check out my other Easter projects (glittered light jar and Easter Shadowbox). By the way, I mentioned in one of my videos that I have made other types of flower pots, below is a photo with a few of those. Until next time, keep on craftin’! ~Kristina~


P.S. – I just want to wish all my followers, may you have a happy and truly blessed Easter. Remember, that the reason for Easter is Jesus, not the bunny. If you don’t know Jesus, I would just like to say He loves you, He died for you, and He lives … that is the true meaning of Easter. If you want to learn more about Jesus, I would suggest finding a good  church in your area and go for a visit this Easter.



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