A beautiful park you must visit in Palm Coast, Florida

Washington Oaks Garden State Park is just a little down the road from St. Augustine in Palm Coast … those of us that live in St. Augustine often call it one of “our” parks because it is so close. If you have never visited, it is a must see!  Located on a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Matanzas River, this park has it all … from formal gardens to a maritime hammock with 200-year-old oak trees to coquina rock formations on the beach-side! This park is a great place to hike or take a leisurely stroll, have a picnic, go fishing, enjoy the all-surrounding nature, or just sit and relax! Washington Oaks is a peaceful, serene, and beautiful place. Photographers love this park! On many occasions, I have seen people taking engagement photos.  The park is very easy to get to, as it is located off A1A on Oceanshore Blvd. (just south of Marineland). There is a minimal parking fee, but it is well worth the cost! I love to take photos when I visit the park … here are some of my favorites for you to enjoy!







I hope you enjoyed my photos of some of the beautiful sights at Washington Oaks Garden State Park … enough to make you want to visit? Maybe I’ll see you there sometime. I love to visit often. If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like or share it with friends! Follow my blog to see more posts about things to do and enjoy around St. Augustine and Florida.

Need more info about the park? Visit the Florida State Parks page, for hours, amenities, special events, and more!

18 thoughts on “A beautiful park you must visit in Palm Coast, Florida

  1. Wow that truly looks amazing. I used to live in Brisbane where you can find similar subtropical plants and trees. Also your pictures are gorgeous. A true delight to see. thanks for sharing.

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