DIY: Lighted Wine Bottles

As a crafter, I am always looking for ways to reuse items and make something purposeful out of them as well as something beautiful! Wine bottles are a great item to reuse and repurpose. They are made out of thick glass, sometimes beautiful shades of blue or amber, and lend themselves nicely to be used … Continue reading DIY: Lighted Wine Bottles

How to Create Your Own “Hot-Mess” Canvas (Cricut-related project)

This project is relatively simple so even kids can have fun making these! Canvases are inexpensive to make and you can hang them anywhere! Your design could be anything, and the possibilities are endless with Cricut Design Space and access to so many awesome graphics online! "Hot-mess" canvases are all the rage right now on … Continue reading How to Create Your Own “Hot-Mess” Canvas (Cricut-related project)

Bucket Lights . . . great for the front porch, camping, ‚Äčand more!

Looking for a fun way to "light-up" your front porch, your campsite, or a room in your home? These bucket lights are simple to make and the design possibilities are endless! I first saw this idea a little over a year ago on a Cricut-related Facebook Group. I absolutely loved it and had to make … Continue reading Bucket Lights . . . great for the front porch, camping, ‚Äčand more!